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Contemporay and unique copper sculptures created by a passionate craftsman and artist for you to own.

About Metalikart

Metalikart is the realisation of a long held ambition of Roy Evans, to turn his passion for metalwork into an art form. 

Roy’s passion for crafting with metal was first sparked during his early career with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers of the Army in the early 80’s. Benefiting from classical training he deployed his skills on practical problem solving by day, and allowed his creative spirit to run free by night, trying his hand at a wide variety of personal projects just for fun and for the enjoyment of friends and family.  With a drive to continually expand his skills and learn new techniques, he has attended a variety of trade courses and studied the masters of the trade. Of particular note are inspiring days spent with the renowned Cornish Coppersmith Michael Chaiken where he learned the art of kinetic sculpture and Kevin Jenkins a master of flame colouring copper sculptures.  Roy loves nothing more than taking the germ of an idea and shaping it into wholly innovative sculptures or pieces of art that draw praise from his admirers. He can be found in his newly fashioned and equipped workshop in Wiltshire, honing his craft with both new and recycled materials. Evenings are often spent reading about historic techniques and designs to inspire the next idea.

Roy intends to pursue his ambition to make his hobby a career. Equally comfortable with steel and copper Roy will take on sculptural commissions to deliver a bespoke and unique handmade gift to delight you or a loved one.  If you would like to discuss a commission or purchase, please get in touch via the contacts page.  

A Chinese Dragon, 36 by 18 inches, it was a maquette for a seven foot commission.

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36" x 18" Chinese Dragon

This Chinese Dragon began life as a maquette for a seven foot commission, it is 3 foot wide by 18 inches tall.

The customer was asked to comment upon it and suggest any changes, they fell in love with it and decided to buy it as well!

The scales are all individually hand hammered with tooling made by myself specifically for this project and it is flame coloured and lacquered to prevent any loss of colour even in bright sunlight, this one is headed to Greece.

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If you would like a unique piece commissioned for yourself or a loved on, please get in touch.

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Latest Coppersmithing projects

Large Gecko


This Gecko was a commission for a Bed and Breakfast in Buxton, custom made to fit a large space and greet visitors as they arrive. 

It is hung like a picture and finished in a UV resistant lacquer, it is 80 x 55 cm

17" Turtle


Hand hammered turtle using the repousse raising technique, lacquered so that it will not fade in sunlight and can be displayed outside. It is hung just like a picture would be.

Pair of Koi


These two gorgeous Koi were made as a gift for my sister. They are a pair which I have named Yin and Yang, they are hung like a picture.

20" Seahorse


Taken from a photograph and then made by hand from copper sheet. Hand raised using specialist hammers to get the texture then finished for indoor or outdoor display, it is 20 inchees in height and would look great with a mirror image!

Angler fish


There are many types of Angler fish and this one is an amalgamation of several. Notice the Swarovski Crystal at the end of the lure!


Customers regularly ask me if I can make something specific for them. In most cases the answer is yes, please try me!  Every piece is unique and I enjoy a challenge. 

I'm also asked if I can do a pair of items and like the Koi image above, yes I can. 

I'm also happy to take a drawing or photo of something you'd like and putting my artistic twist on it for your approval to go ahead.

Want a unique gift? 

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Recent Work



The Chameleon is  25" long and 8" high made to grace a reflective black surface in our home.  His skin colour is adapting to match the delicate branch he is balancing upon.  He is poised mid-step and looks like he is about to move.

Copper Rose


Interesting copper rose on a stem with hand hammered leaves which can be shown indoors and outdoors. There is no finish so that it will attract an interesting green patina over time.

Acer Fountain


The fountain has three feeds at the top of the tree allowing water to cascade down the individually cut and shaped leaves.  A very satisfying sound is produced when the fountain is in full flow.  Please talk to me about a design using leaves of your choice. 

Poignant Commission

Penny Coin Ball


The pennies used to make this Coin Ball were found in a suitcase which belonged to a client’s father.  The tradition in this family was to create a "box for life", in which items of particular meaning or personal value were saved and passed on to the next generation.  When his father passed away, my client found these pennies in 2 cocoa tins.  After seeing my coin balls, he asked me to make him one from these pennies for display in his home.  Having something attractive and meaningful to look at every day, knowing every penny had been handled by his father makes this unique item priceless to him .   “I was delighted with it as soon as Roy showed it to me and it now takes pride of place in my home for visitors to admire and ask about”      

Have you got any old coins that you'd like incorporated into a coin ball?  

Get in touch if you'd like a very personal and special commission.

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