Chinese dragon


The idea for a chinese dragon was sparked by a conversation on holiday with new friends we had met.  Richard and Astrid wanted a 7 foot dragon for the terrace wall at their home in Greece.  

I started with making a maquette (mini-version for illustration) which was 3 foot wide by 18 inches tall.  Our friends were asked to comment upon it and suggest any changes, but they fell in love with it and decided to buy it as well!

The scales are all individually hand hammered with tooling I made specifically for this project and it is flame coloured and lacquered to prevent any loss of colour even in bright sunlight. Alongside its smaller version it will look spectacular in the sunshine of Greece.

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Poignant Commission

Penny Coin Ball


The pennies used to make this Coin Ball were found in a suitcase which belonged to a client’s father.  The tradition in this family was to create a "box for life", in which items of particular meaning or personal value were saved and passed on to the next generation.  When his father passed away, my client found these pennies in 2 cocoa tins.  After seeing my coin balls, he asked me to make him one from these pennies for display in his home.  Having something attractive and meaningful to look at every day, knowing every penny had been handled by his father makes this unique item priceless to him .   “I was delighted with it as soon as Roy showed it to me and it now takes pride of place in my home for visitors to admire and ask about”      

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Dandelion clocks

This client wanted a unique decorative piece for their garden wall, and loved dandelion heads

They asked me to come up some ideas for a sculpture based on this beautiful feature of nature, so I presented them with a prototype for the dandelion heads.  With their input the design was refined, and quickly we agreed the form of 3 pieces that would sit together on their wall.  Some of the seed were separated from the  head to mimic the action of wind blowing the seeds away, and once installed they were delighted with the effect.  Even better, when the sun shines it casts shadows onto the wall which make them look almost 3D, and the subtle flame colouring makes each seed sparkle in the light.

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 If you would like a unique piece commissioned for yourself or a loved one, please get in touch.